Review Of The Flash Game Website

For several years, Flash games have been one of the internet’s most popular ways to kill some spare time. Offering a wide variety of experiences that can satisfy everyone from the most inexperienced casual gamer to the most intense hardcore gamer, many sites have popped up that offer a large library of Flash games to play. Of these sites, is one of the best.

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How To Find The Best Flash Game Website

Flash games are very popular among internet users. There are thousands of websites that offer free flash games, however, only a select few of them offer quality games. In order to find the best flash game website, you’ll need to do a considerable amount of research.

First, decide what types of flash games you want to play. Some sites may only offer arcade-type games while others may allow you to play first-person shooter games. Some of the well-established websites will probably offer a variety of games for their users.

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Gamer Etiquette to Know

You’re a responsible citizen. You own a home and you know all there is to know about about electricity from sites like Click Here and you really, really love your mom. But all of that means nothing if you turn into a crude, rude buffoon the second to get in an online multiplayer game. Here are a few simple rules of gaming etiquette you should never ignore. Act Like Real Life: Don’t ever say anything to another player online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face in real life. This includes name calling, insults and generally just being rude. Don’t Use Profanity: The thing about profanity is that it’s uncalled for and it’s kept in cyberspace for all of eternity – ever planning on a political career? You don’t want that horrible thing you said to GamerXO28 to come back and haunt you. Observe Tennis Rules: The rules of tennis are gentlemanly – if the other player calls your shot out to acquiesce, even if you disagree. Use the same courtesy when online gaming and your gamer karma will come back to you twofold.

Review Of The Flash Game Website

You may come across as you search the internet for something like a flash game to occupy your time. In doing so you have accidentally stumbled across a site that goes far beyond a simple flash game hosting site. is a site rich with community involvement and diverse content. It has flash games of course but also contains movies, web comic series, member created art as well as fresh user created audio files. Enough content to browse and browse for not only hours but literally for days on end.
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Review Of The Flash Game Website

Out of the many flash game websites, one of the most well known and visited is AddictingGames, or AG, has been around for about a decade and receives millions of users every day.

As a simple “must” for any flash game website, there should be many different types of games to choose from. In this, AG is no slouch. They offer any type of game you can imagine and if they don’t have what you have in mind, you can submit your own. Their already impressive catalog of games Read More »

What Makes Flash Games So Good

There are a wide variety of reasons that flash games are so good! For starters, flash games are often free so that alone is a huge advantage when compared to some of the video game console systems that are currently on the market today! Not everyone can afford a fancy video game console system so being able to get online and play flash games for free is wonderful! Also, because flash games are online there is no need to worry about possible damage to the discs like scratching so that is another added Read More »

Best Sites To Go For Playing Flash Games

These days, gamers have more options than just running down to their local video game shop and plunking down wads of hard earned cash to play new and interesting video games. Thanks to advances in technology, there are more flash game creators than ever before. These video game designers are putting everything they have into these little games, and then giving them to use for free. No matter what mood you happen to be in, there is always a flash game that matches your mood.

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Top 5 Flash Games Right Now

1. Bloons Tower Defense 5

This is the newest game to come out in the Bloons Tower Defense series, and it is definitely the best game in the series. The goal of the game is to pop balloons with your towers, which happen to be monkeys. You are awarded money for each balloon popped, which you can use to purchase more towers and upgrades!

2. Gemcraft

This is another tower defense game, but with a different play style. In Read More »